Susanne Schmidt-Nielsen

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Artist statement


Artist statement

My artwork touches on existential considerations of existence. My interpretation of this subject, results in 3D work that "speak" in an abstract and sensues language. This preoccupation, and concern, orbiting human conditions, lay as an undertone in my artwork.

My work ranges from installations to objects. I focus on the correspondence between the artwork, the space and the viewer, to initiate the meeting with the viewer and to emphasize the significance of the piece.

I use a broad variety of materials. These are materials we are familiar with from daily lives. Knowing the feeling of the surface, the strength for the material and the weight of it, is important to the perception of the work. The material is carefully chosen for each artwork, to stress the meaning of the work.

One of the materials I often use, is textile, new as well as worn. We all have an intimate understanding of textile. The worn textile, with its embedded stories, is thought of as a direct link to the viewer and adds to the significance of the artwork.

My artwork can also be perceived in a non-verbalized language, where the "story" is told through the bodily meeting of the artwork, through the story told by the visible traces from handling of the material, through the quality the material contains, as well as, through the installation of the work.
You can say that, my artwork invites curiosity and gives the viewer an opportunity to incorporate one´s own narration.

Susanne Schmidt-Nielsen, 2019

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