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Blurring boudaries

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Blurring Boundaries 1 - Gallery 1707, October 2019, Seoul, South Korea.
Blurring Boundaries 2 - Hello Museum, March 2020, Seoul, South Korea.

All through my life, I have had an interest in other cultures. At the age of 3 I lived in Poland with my parents and as a young person I lived in the US and traveled in Asia. This has always been with curiosity of the new cultures, the ways of doing everyday life, and, if possible, to get an understanding of preoccupation by other people.

This interest speaks so well into the artistic project I have been invited to be part of by gallery owner Soojin Hong, Gallery 1707 and by Korean artist Yoon Joo, and by Director Ysaac Kim from Hello Museum.
I'm thankful for the opportunity to get to work this close with another artist and even one from a culture that is unknown to me.

Yoon Joo and I have formed the theme this show is based upon, from mutual interest, looking at humanity, wishing to emphasize kindness, respect and understanding. Not trying to eliminate differences, but to meet them openminded and with respect, wishing to break down barriers and blur boundaries.

Through participating in this collaboration, I invite, on a small and personal scale, a new and different view and approach towards understanding art and everyday life. You can say, I let it destabilize my preunderstanding! I´m always curious to see where such a situation, will take me.

During this process we have exchanged materials. Yoon Joo has sent me little pieces of textile from his own artistic process. When I work with the textiles, I wish to preserve the traces and the imbedded stories yet adding my own story and artistic approach. The outcome is an artwork that represents both Yoon Joo and me, where the dialogue can be seen at many levels.

From the dialogue Yoon Joo and I have had, about the theme for this project, I have picked out the significant words and shaped them into a poem. From this poem I have created a soundscape.
I have used recordings of both of us reading the poem in our mother tongue and in our common language, English. With these recordings I have made an abstract and sensual soundscape where the words are mixed in between each other and, in this way, form a new type of dialogue.

I thank Yoon Joo for the good collaboration, for the challenges and for the deep respect.
I wish, the good intentions behind our project, will spread far beyond this show.

Susanne Schmidt-Nielsen, 2020

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